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Hawienero Honey

Hawienero Honey

€22.90 Regular Price
€13.74Sale Price

alcohol 37.5% vol.


Country of origin: Austria.


HA WIEN ERO Honey is the first Austrian rum with organic honey. No added sugar or flavorings. When "bees make out" a natural and tasty product is created to enjoy.

  • Hawienero Honey - the first Austrian rum with organic honey impresses with aromas of oak, tobacco and vanilla. Classic rum flavor on the palate paired with the sweetness of honey from "Gangl's Bio - Honigschmiede". It is made with no added sugar or flavorings. Hawienero Honey is perfect for drinking straight and for mixing cocktails. Try the specially created cocktail "Canchárito", a modification of the oldest Cuban cocktail "Canchánchara". Simply mix approx. 6cl with approx. 2cl lime juice and fill up with soda. Contains honey..

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