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Hawienero di Castello

Hawienero di Castello

€47.90 Regular Price
€45.90Sale Price

0.7l | alcohol 37.5% vol.


Country of origin: Austria.


Viennese rum meets Viennese art!

HA WIEN ERO Di Castello is a homage to creativity, art and freedom. The artist Sabrina Di Castello painted the label and is the namesake of this Art Edition.

  • The expressive image of the artist is reflected in the variety of taste experiences on the palate. The elegant and tasteful work of art from the house of Hawienero is an excellent piece of Austrian rum - craftsmanship. It's not just the label that is artistically handcrafted. The further production steps such as bottling and labeling are also carried out carefully by hand. Exactly this uniqueness is noticeable for rum and art lovers in the taste and processing.

    In exclusive moments - best enjoyed pure

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