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ha vienna ero honey

Pessimists stick their heads in the sand - optimists in a rum barrel.

That's why the Hawieneros - Mario, Nino and Werner - used the difficult time of the lockdown and developed another regional product with the Hawienero Honey Rum - refined with organic honey from Gangl's Honigschmiede. When "bees make out" a natural and tasty product is created to enjoy. Hawienero and Gangl's Bio-Honigschmiede, it couldn't be more regional. Both family businesses are from Vienna Donaustadt. 

Hawienero Honey - the first Austrian rum with organic honey impresses with aromas of oak, tobacco and bourbon vanilla notes. The rum combines the strong taste of rum with the natural sweetness of organic honey. It is made with no added sugar or flavorings. Hawienero Honey is perfect for drinking straight and for mixing cocktails.

Try the specially created cocktail "Canchárito", a modification of the oldest Cuban cocktail "Canchánchara".


Simply feel the difference! 

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