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HAWIENERO the Austrian rum!


With Werner Katzler, a long-standing Pernod Ricard employee is behind the product development of HAWIENERO. He created the Austrian rum together with his two sons and the Viennese bar legend Heinz Kaiser.


HAWIENERO is made from Caribbean sugar cane and high-quality Austrian spring water. This is the biggest difference to other "ron estilo Cubano" - as the young white rum is called in Cuba. In addition, HAWIENERO rum has an exceptionally high alcohol volume of 43%.

This rum immediately reflects the soul of Havana with all its sensual impressions thanks to its very strong, yet round and balanced taste on the palate.


Flaschenabbildung Serie.jpg

The extraordinary features are also highlighted in the specially created signature drinks (Marauder, Empress, Daiquiri Vienna . . .). HAWIENERO leaves a so-called "tangible signature" in the cocktails.


HAWIENERO is the first young white rum from Austria, which is perfect for drinking neat and mixing cocktails such as Daiquiri and Mojito.


Our motto is: Simply feel the difference!

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