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ha vienna ero firefighter

The Hawieneros - Mario, Nino and Werner dedicate a Hawienero special edition, the "FIREFIGHTER" to the heroes of the fire brigades and all other emergency services who are willing to risk their lives for others every day!


The molasses comes from the Caribbean - distilled (twice), is made in Austria, with high-quality Austrian spring water. The first aromatic impression leaves slightly fiery notes, a little grape and light florality. The tobacco and vanilla notes, so characteristic of many white Cuban rums, are noticeably added in the "second nose", in connection with a slight nuance of almond and walnut.

The sensory sweetness that glides over the tongue is surprising, paired with a pleasant freshness that is noticeable in the finish and counteracts the sweetness with a little balance.


A light, white rum that promises a special taste experience in long drinks and especially pure for beginners.




Our motto is: Simply feel the difference!

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