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hawienero DI Castello

Hawienero Di Castello 37.5% vol. 0.70l

Viennese rum meets Viennese art!

Hawienero Di Castello is a tribute to creativity, art and freedom. The artist Sabrina Di Castello painted the label and is the namesake of this Art Edition. The expressive image is reflected in the diversity  Taste experiences reflected on the palate. The elegant and tasteful work of art from Hawienero is an excellent piece of Austrian rum craftsmanship. It's not just the label that is artistically handcrafted. The further production steps such as bottling and labeling are also carried out carefully by hand. Exactly this uniqueness is noticeable for rum and art lovers in the taste and processing.       


​Born in 1990, Sabrina Di Castello accidentally picked up her paintbrush for the first time in 2017. Inspired by the ups and downs of her own life, she intuitively and enthusiastically visualized thoughts and feelings on canvas. Motivated by the response to her works and surprised by her own talent, Sabrina die Castello developed a strong passion for painting. Since 2018, Di Castello has successfully exhibited her paintings in London, Shanghai, New York, Vienna and Marbella. Her style of painting arouses great interest, so many of her works go directly from the easel to their owners. Her style cannot be pigeonholed, her work is too varied and too unconventional. "My art consists of weaknesses, that's why it seems so strong"! 

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