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HA WIEN ERO RUM - the company
The HAWIENERO`S from Vienna.
Nino-Werner-Mario Katzler.

My name is Werner Katzler - I have been in sales for 30 years and in the catering trade for the last 25 years. 20 of those years at Pernod Ricard, as Sales Manager  Austria.

I was instrumental in introducing Havana Club Rum to Austria. From the beginning, rum captured my heart and a passion developed from it. My trips to Cuba have always motivated and inspired me, an example from March 2008 - when I created the cocktail name "Cubata", which can now be found on many cocktail menus in Austrian gastronomy.  A stroke of fate (stroke) in December 2014 forced me to redesign my life, but the passion for rum remained.  At that time, Havana Club Rum stopped producing Anejo Blanco Rum. I quickly realized that the demand for white rum in Austria is still great. In addition, the development in gastronomy in recent years has shown a strong trend towards regional products. So I developed with my two sons Mario and Nino and with the support of the Viennese bar legend Heinz Kaiser "Dem Apotheker" - the HAWIENERO rum (the name is a combination of Havana and Vienna). As a visionary, I have succeeded in uniting the two cities of my heart - Vienna and Havana - in this rum and thus combining tradition with innovation. We sold the first bottles in May 2017. Our success so far - numerous listings in the cocktail bar and restaurant scene in Austria - confirms our way. In Germany and  We have already been able to win a number of partners in the hotel and catering industry in Poland.

With the "Vesbar", the first mobile bar of this kind, we have achieved another innovation. Our visions show what is possible with passion and lifeblood!

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